Radar Loops Not Working?

Recent Java Update Affects Radar Loops

Recently Java made a major upgrade from version 1.5 to 1.6. This upgrade is being pushed to all Java users and requires several minutes to update.

After the upgrade to version 1.6, a number of people have noted that the enhanced loops on the RIDGE Radar pages no longer work. After extensive troubleshooting, a likely cause for the problem has been identified.

A special Ani Java Applet (the actual applet that does the loops) was developed for the RIDGE Radar Enhanced loops to work with Java 1.6. If you are not able to view the loops anymore (a key indicator is "Anis notinited" in the Java console) you are likely reading an old version of the Anis Applet from your cache.

Here's how to fix this issue!-

1) Clear the cache (both browser and Java) In Windows, click START > SETTINGS > CONTROL PANEL

In the Control Panel, look for the Java Icon and click it to open the Java Control Panel.

In the Java Control Panel, click the "General" tab at the top. At the bottom of that tab is a section titled "Temporary Internet Files" and a Delete button - click the delete button - this will delete the applet and applet files. The next time you visit the page with the loop it will reload (may take a minute or so)

2) Ensure Java 1.6 is properly installed.