EF0 Tornado Moves Across Great Cross area in City of Chesapeake!

The NWS in Wakefield has investigated the tornadic storm damage across the City of Chesapeake and  has determined it an EF0 Tornado. Below you will find our official assessment via Public Information Statement (PNS) and a few maps depicting the location of the tornado. We've also provided a look at the tornado as it appeared on our radar.



Map 1 below:


Map 2 below:


Map 3 below:


The following is the 0.9° Storm Relative Motion Velocity image from the Wakefield Radar from 7:46pm Monday night May 4th. This showed the tornado well, with a couplet (and small tornado) over the area.. In general, forecasters look for green or blueish colors (wind toward the radar) adjacent to red or yellowish colors (wind away from the radar).  Such a signature indicates rotation, and the possibility of tornadoes.