Call for Papers:  The Fourth Northeast Regional Operational Workshop


The Fourth Northeast Regional Operational Workshop (NROW) at the University at Albany will be held 5-6 November 2002, at the Center for Environmental Sciences and Technology Management, 251 Fuller Road, Albany, New York. The workshop will be cosponsored by the National Weather Service and the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University at Albany, under the auspices of the Cooperative Institute for the Prediction of Hydrometeorological Hazards in the Northeastern United States. The American Meteorological Society is a cooperating organization.

Sessions will focus on AWIPS applications and SmartTools development, northeast coastal storms, terrain effects, heavy precipitation forecasting, hydrology, northeast severe storms, lake effect, use of high-resolution model data, mesoscale modeling, and the integration of new technology into operations. Papers will be welcome on all aspects of Northeast United States operational weather forecasting and should focus on the topics listed above. Presentations may be given in oral form. Presenters should submit a one-to-two page abstract in either Word Perfect, Microsoft Office or ASCII text formats. Conference presentations will be limited to 35. The Steering Committee reserves the right to decline abstracts that do not address conference foci.


The deadline for submission of abstracts is 8 October 2002. Abstracts may be sent to NROW Steering Committee, c/o Warren R. Snyder, National Weather Service Forecast Office, 251 Fuller Road, Suite B300, Albany, New York 12203, 518-435-9569; e-mail: Registration is mandatory either by fax, letter, conference Web page, or e-mail by 18 October. No registration fee will be charged. Registrants will receive a Conference Preprint. For additional information or registration forms, contact Jann Joyce, National Weather Service Forecast Office, 251 Fuller Road, Suite B300, Albany, New York 12203, 518-435-9571 ext 221; fax 518-435-9587; e-mail: For conference information, registration forms, online registration, hotel and general information refer to Internet address