Ice Jam - North Creek

Record flooding occurred on the Hudson River at North Creek as a result of an ice jam. The ice jam extended from about 1 1/2 miles downriver from the Route 28N Bridge and northward about 3 miles.

An ice jam began to form on Monday, March 7th, near the Route 28N Bridge in North Creek after heavy rainfall and snowmelt. Water backed up from the ice jam began flooding Old River Road early Thursday morning, March 10th, prompting the evacuation of some residents and the closure of the road. The water began to recede early Sunday afternoon, March 13th, when the ice jam released and moved downstream. The ice jam moved down river and ripped trees from the river bank. The jam became lodged along the Route 418 Bridge in the town of Thurman Sunday evening, March 13th, with water levels receding behind the jam.

River Gauge on the Hudson River at North Creek

Yellow = Action Stage
Orange = Flood Stage
Red = Moderate Flood Stage
Purple = Major Flood Stage
River Gauge on the Hudson River at North Creek