Severe Weather - EF1 Tornado Litchfield County
June 9, 2011

A significant severe weather event occurred across east central New York and adjacent western New England on Thursday June 9th. A very warm and humid air mass was in place across the region on the morning of June 9th. A cold front was positioned well to the north and west of the region, toward the Upper Great Lakes. However, a well-defined pre-frontal trough marched across the area during the morning and afternoon hours. This pre-frontal trough showed up well in observational data, with an abrupt wind shift to the northwest and a sharp drop in dew points. The pre-frontal trough triggered convection, first as a series of discrete storms developing into a broken line, which eventually evolved into an organized line of severe storms known as a severe quasi-linear-convective-system, QLCS. Initially, when the storms were discrete, hail was the main threat. Once the QLCS developed, damaging winds were the main threat. The severe storms resulted in numerous power outages with the large hail denting vehicles.

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Radar Loop June 9, 2011

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Storm Reports June 9, 2011

Albany Upper Air Soundings - June 9th, 2011
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ALY Upper Air Sounding
ALY Upper Air Sounding

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