Flash Flooding & Severe Weather
Warren County
May 28, 2011

A warm and humid air mass was in place over the region, with temperatures reaching the 80s in many valley areas and dew points in the 60s. At the surface, a slow-moving boundary had been draped across the North Country extended westward towards western New York / Lake Ontario and provided focus convection. A combination of individual storms and merging storms trained over the central portion of Warren county in a southwest-northeast producing flash flooding.

Local Storm Reports

Storm Reports May 27, 2011

Albany Upper Air Soundings - May 28, 2011
8 am EDT
8 pm EDT
ALY Upper Air Sounding
ALY Upper Air Sounding

Surface Map May 28, 2011
Surface Map 8 am EDT May 28, 2011
500 mb Map May 28, 2011
500 mb Map 8 am EDT May 28, 2011