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Wettest April Ever for Syracuse and 2nd Wettest Ever for Binghamton

April 2011 will go down as the wettest april ever in Syracuse, NY, the 2nd wettest April ever in Binghamton, NY, and the 4th wettest April ever in Avoca, PA. More details are below. To some it may also come as a surprise that despite a very wet month that seemed pretty cool at times temperature wise, we will actually go down as warmer than normal. All three climate sites, Syracuse (+3.9), Binghamton (+2.1), and Avoca (+1.8) were warmer than normal when looking at average temperature. The water-cooler talk up until last week was would we ever see Spring. Most people probably perceive this April as being cooler than normal because April 2010 was so warm.

Syracuse, NY (Records since 1902)
  1. 8.53"....2011*
  2. 8.12"....1976
  3. 7.61"....1929
  4. 6.91"....1973
  5. 6.55"....1993
Binghamton, NY (Records since 1951)
  1. 8.57"....1983
  2. 8.55"....2011*
  3. 7.10"....1993
  4. 6.47"....2000
  5. 6.16"....1996
Avoca, PA (records since 1901)
  1. 9.56"....1983
  2. 7.47"....1993
  3. 6.64"....1947
  4. 6.51"....2011*
  5. 5.81"....1957

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Page last modified: May 2, 2011