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Flash Flooding, QPF and QPE for 2008

2009 2008 2007
Assessing the Potential for Rare Precipitation Events with Standardized Anomalies and Ensemble Guidance at the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center. Norman W. Junker, Michael J. Brennan, Frank Pereira, Michael J. Bodner, Richard H. Grumm. To be published in BAMS. View abstract
The June 19, 2007 Delaware County Flash Flood: A Meteorological and Hydrological Analysis. Michael Schaffner, Michael Evans and Justin Arnott. Eastern Region Technical Attachment 2008-05 - August 2008. View paper (PDF format)
Joint NOAA/NWS/USGS Prototype Debris Flow Warning System for Recently Burned Areas in Southern California. Pedro Restrepo, D. P. Jorgensen, S. H. Cannon, J. Costa, J. Laber, J. Major, B. Martner, J. Purpura, and K. Werner. To be published in BAMS. View abstract
Verification of quantitative precipitation forecast guidance from NWP models and the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center for 2005–2007 tropical cyclones with U.S. rainfall impacts. Michael J. Brennan, J. Clark and M. Klein. 28th AMS Conf. on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology - April 2008 View abstract
Flood Fatalities in the United States. Sharon T. Ashley and Walker S. Ashley. J. of Applied Meteorology and Climate - March 2008. View abstract
Mesoscale precursors to the Hurricane Gaston flooding event as diagnosed from observations and numerical simulations. Zachary G. Brown, M. L. Kaplan and Y. L. Lin. 28th AMS Conf. on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology - April 2008 View abstract
Mesoscale Processes Contributing to Extreme Rainfall in a Midlatitude Warm-Season Flash Flood. Russ S. Schumacher and Richard H. Johnson. View abstract
A Statistical Comparison of the Properties of Flash Flooding and Nonflooding Precipitation Events in Portions of New York and Pennsylvania. Stephen M. Jessup and Arthur T. DeGaetano. Weather and Forecasting - February 2008. View abstract
Geologic, geomorphic, and meteorological aspects of debris flows triggered by Hurricanes Frances and Ivan during September 2004 in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Macon County, North Carolina (southeastern USA). R. M. Wooten, K. A. Gillon, A. C. Witt, R. S. Latham, T. J. Douglas, J. B. Bauer, S. J. Fuemmeler, L. G. Lee. Landslides - February 2008. View abstract
The use of predictions in flood decision making: Three cases in weather and climate. Rebecca E. Morss. Third AMS Symposium on Policy and Socio-Economic Research - January 2008 PDF format
The August 8, 2007 Floods in New York City. Michael E. Wyllie. IMPACTS: Weather 2007 - AMS Annual Meeting - January 2008 View abstract
Development of an Operational Inland Flooding Forecast Tool: A Geodatabase of Tropical Cyclone Induced Precipitation. R. Jason Caldwell and G. M. Forthun. 24th AMS Conf. on IIPS - January 2008 View abstract
Spatiotemporal Variability of Hourly Precipitation over the Eastern Contiguous United States from Stage IV Multisensor Analyses. Ana L. Kursinski and S. L. Mullen. J of Hydrometeorology - February 2008. View abstract
The National Severe Storms Laboratory's QPE verification system. Steven V. Vasiloff and B. Kaney. 24th AMS Conf. on IIPS - January 2008 View abstract
A comparison of evolving multisensor precipitation estimation methods based on impacts on flow prediction using a distributed hydrologic model. David H. Kitzmiller, F. Ding, S. Van Cooten, K. Howard, C. Langston, J. Zhang, H. Moser, R. J. Kuligowski, D. Kim, Y. Zhang, and D. Riley. 22nd AMS Conf. on Hydrology - January 2008. View abstract
Examining Preconvective Heavy Rainfall Environments Utilizing Observational and Model Analysis Proximity Soundings. Michael J. Paddock, C. E. Graves and J. T. Martinelli. 22nd AMS Conf. on Hydrology - January 2008. View abstract

Note: Some of the abstracts on the this page will have links to full papers. Without a subscription to the AMS, the full text may not be viewable.

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