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Flash Flooding, QPF and QPE for 2009

2009 2008 2007
National Mosaic and Q2 (NMQ) system—description, results and future plans. Jian Zhang, K. Howard, S. Vasiloff, C. Langston, B. Kaney, A. Arthur, S. Van Cooten, K. Kelleher, D. Kitzmiller, F. Ding, M. G. Mullusky, E. Wells, D. Seo, T. Schneider, and C. Dempsey. Preprints, 34th AMS Conf. on Radar Met. - October 2009. View abstract
Evaluation of Radar Precipitation Estimates from NMQ and WSR-88D Digital Precipitation Array Products: Preliminary Results. Wanru Wu and D. H. Kitzmiller. Preprints, 34th AMS Conf. on Radar Met. - October 2009 View abstract
Anticipating urban flash flooding using basin upstream rainfall (BUR) and Google Earth. Thomas A. Green Jr., R. S. Davis and C. S. Strager. Preprints, 34th AMS Conf. on Radar Met. - October 2009 View abstract
Advantages of adding “basin upstream rainfall” (BUR) to the flash flood monitoring and prediction (FFMP) program. Robert S. Davis, T. A. Green and C. S. Strager. Preprints, 34th AMS Conf. on Radar Met. - October 2009 View abstract
An Abbreviated Flash Flood/Flood Climatology (1994-2007) for the WFO Blacksburg, VA County Warning Area. Robert Stonefield and Jan Jackson. Eastern Region Technical Memorandum NWS ER-104 - September 2009 View paper (PDF Format)
Orographic Enhancement of Precipitation inside Hurricane Dean. R. B. Smith, P. Schafer, D. Kirshbaum, and E. Regina. J of Hydrometeorology - June 2009. View Abstract
A Climatology of Flash Flood Events for the National Weather Service Eastern Region. Alan M. Cope. Eastern Region Technical Memorandum NWS ER-103. June 2009 View paper (PDF format)
Quasi-Stationary, Extreme-Rain-Producing Convective Systems Associated with Midlevel Cyclonic Circulations. Russ S. Schumacher and Richard H. Johnson. Wea. Forecasting - April 2009. View Abstract
Structure and Evolution of Precipitation along a Cold Front in the Northeastern US. Yan Zhang, J. A. Smith, A. A. Ntelekos, M. L. Baeck, W. F. Krajewski, and F. Moshary. J of Hydrometeorology - October 2009. View Abstract
Investigating Spatial Downscaling of Satellite Rainfall Data for Stream Flow Simulation in a Medium-sized Basin. Sayma Rahman, A. C. Bagtzoglou, F. Hossain, L. Tang, L.- D. Yarbrough, and G. Easson. J of Hydrometeorology - August 2009. View Abstract
Optimization of quantitative precipitation forecast time horizons used in river forecasts. Noreen O. Schwein and K. S. Lander. 23rd AMS Conf. on Hydrology - January 2009. View Abstract
A Comparison of Evolving Multisensor Precipitation Estimation Methods. David Kitzmiller, F. Ding, Y. Zhang, D. Brewer, S. Van Cooten, K. Howard, C. Langston, J. Zhang, H. Moser, D. Moran, and D. Kim. 23rd AMS Conf. on Hydrology - January 2009. View Abstract
Assessing the Potential for Rare Precipitation Events with Standardized Anomalies and Ensemble Guidance at the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center. Norman W. Junker, Michael J. Brennan, Frank Pereira, Michael J. Bodner, Richard H. Grumm. BAMS - April 2009. View Abstract

Note: Some of the abstracts on the this page will have links to full papers. Without a subscription to the AMS, the full text may not be viewable.

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