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Post Hurricane Safety

Though the hurricane has passed, many dangers still exist. You must be alert at all times and follow the directions from your local officials.

For Those Who Have Evacuated

  • Do not return to your home until you have been directed to do so.
  • Upon returning, do not turn on any electric or gas service until the safety of these utilities has been confirmed.
  • Be sure to check all electronic equipment for water damage before use. If you are uncertain, throw the item away. It is better to be safe than to risk electrocution.
  • Try to be patient. Emergency officials will be working hard to return you to your home as quickly, and more importantly safely, as possible.

Tips For Everyone To Follow

  • If there has been structural damage to your home, or to trees in your yard, be very careful. Ask for assistance from Fire and Rescue officials before you risk getting injured from fallen debris.
  • Test drinking water for potability. Heed any boil water orders from local officials. Wells should be pumped out, and the water tested, before drinking.
  • Get bottled water. Have enough on hand to supply 1 gallon of water to each person in your family for drinking and sanitation each day. It is quite possible that local water supplies may be contaminated.
  • If power remains disrupted use flashlights. Candles left unattended can start fires.
  • Be sure to guard against spoiled food. If the power was disrupted, food in the refrigerator may have spoiled.Freezers will keep food for several days if the doors were left closed after the power went off. Do not refreeze food once it begins to thaw.
  • Do not use fresh food exposed to flood waters. Wash canned foods thoroughly before opening.

Beware of Outdoor Hazards

  • Watch for loose or dangling power lines. Do not enter flood waters where there may be submerged aplliances. Many lives are lost by electrocution.
  • Be extra careful when clearing fallen trees and limbs with a chain saw. Power lines could be entangled.
  • Do not be a victim of a chain saw accident. When in doubt, leave the work to professionals.
  • If you have a generator, be sure to turn the master power switch in your circuit breaker box off prior to turning the generator on. Also, be sure that the generator is outdoors and in a well ventilated area.

Take your time and be extra careful. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance. If there has been damage to your property, contact your insurance agent, but have patience for there will be many others with damage as well.

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