Description of MRF MOS Data

Line 2: First four letters are the location identifier.
        This is followed by the initial hour date and time (UTC).

FHR:    Forecast hour.  Number of hours after the initial time.

Line 4: Days of week and days of month.

X/N     Maximum or minimum temperature in degrees F for the past 12 hours.
        (Maximum temperatures are from 1200 UTC to 0000 UTC, minimum
	temperatures are from 0000 UTC to 1200 UTC.)

TMP:    Temperatures in degees F at the hour.

DPT:    Dew point in degrees F at the hour.

P12:    12 hour probability of precipitation (precent).

P24:    24 hour probability of precipitation (percent).

T12:    12 hour probability of thunder (percent).

T24:    24 hour probability of thunder (percent).

PZP:    Probability of freezing precipitation (percent).

PSN:    Probability of snow (percent).

TYP:    Precipitation type. R = Rain, S = Snow, Z = Freezing