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Weather Eye is published for the Community of Cooperative Program Observers that is serviced by the Taunton WFO: Editor, Mike Carbone; Copy Editor, Donna Dumas; Icon Technical Guru, Tim Buckelew; Contributors, David Vallee, Ed Capone
NCDC & You

As you may already know, the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) in Asheville, NC is where all of your weather observations become archived. It is where they become a permanent record of that part of the nation’s climate that is uniquely your weather station. Your data is not the only information the center collects. It collects and archives other weather data obtained from the National Weather Service, military services, Federal Aviation Administration, and Coast Guard as well. It also collects from numerous sources worldwide. NCDC has more than 150 years of material

stored. Printed copies of the data are available, for a fee, upon request.

In the mid 1990s NCDC started up its own Internet Web site. With the equivalent of some 18 million pages of new data added to the site each day, they are the largest Web site of climatological weather data on the Web.

Stephen DelGreco, of NCDC, said the center has the largest collection of weather information in the world, and they have published a guide explaining how to tap into its archives. Their "Products & Services Guide" provides details concerning NCDC’s computer online systems. The guide contains information about the climatic center’s CD-ROMs, specialized products, digital datasets, and printed publications. The guide also describes how certain weather and climate data can be accessed through the Internet. All

NCDC’s Internet address is:
You can obtain a copy of the "Products & Services Guide" from the Climate Services Branch of NCDC by calling (828) 271 - 4800; or by fax dial (828) 271 - 4876; or by e-mail to You may also obtain a copy by writing to:
National Climatic Data Center 151 Patton Avenue, Room 120 Asheville, NC 28801-5001.
To view and/or download the guide online go to NCDC’s Web site (printed above), then click on Most Popular Products, then click on Free, then click on Products & Services Guide.
cooperative weather stations whose data is published are available onlline dating back to 1948. Older data and non-published data  is available on request.

NCDCs CD-ROM products include the Cooperative Station Data (1948-1997), International Station Meteorology Climate Summary, National Climate Information Disc, U.S. Navy Marine Climatic Atlas, Solar and Meteorological Surface Observational Network (SAMSON), Global Daily Summary, and many others suitable for the weather hobbyist or the sophisticated scientist.
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