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CMP's Corner Who is the CPM?
This is the CPM’s corner. Who is the CPM? I am the CPM - your Cooperative Program Manager. My name is Bill Simpson, and I am your
Who is the CPO?

This is the CPOs’ corner. Who is the CPO? You are the CPO...the Cooperative Program Observer.
CPO's Corner
contact at the National Weather Service here in Taunton, MA. As CPM it is my duty to oversee the Co-operative Observer’s Weather Program in your area. Please feel free to contact me about any problems you may be having. If I am on the road, or not in, you can always leave me a recorded message on my voice-mail. It is my duty to keep your weather station stocked with supplies, repair or replace broken or defective equipment, provide you with the latest training, and answer any questions you may have about the Cooperative Program.

Since taking over the Cooperative Program last April, I have visited with approximately 80 percent of you at your home or place of work. I appreciate these face to face meetings, and look forward to our next meeting. I hope to complete my visits with the rest of you before the end of this summer.

We have lots of future plans for the Cooperative Program. With the greater demand for timely and accurate weather and climatological data growing, my ambition is to expand our reporting network this year, continue our expansion until our current goal of 1 observer for every 25 miles is achieved, and to maintain the expanded network’s size and density.

Remote Observation System Automation (ROSA) phones will be increased to cover more and more of our Cooperative Program observing sites. This will result in improved realtime utilization of the data by the National Weather Service’s Forecast Office and Northeast River Forecast Center.

With few exceptions, the instruments you use to gather weather data have not changed significantly during the last century. Many locations are still using glass maximum and minimum thermometers. Subject to budget limitations, I am planning to update field equipment by installing electronic Maximum/Minimum Temperature Sensors (MMTS) in as many locations as possible this year.

Farther down the line, automated data communications between you and this office will be a first step in automating your co-op site. The feasibility of co-ops being provided                                                                              (Continued on page 8)

This is your corner of the newsletter. This is where you will find news about other CPOs. Who’s new, just coming into the program, and who’s retiring from the program or moving out of the area. News about awards to local CPOs, milestone anniversaries, and new births in the family will also be included in this column.


We would like to take the time to welcome Jeanne and Bob Walsh to the Cooperative Weather Program. They are the newest observers to join the program. They will be taking temperature and precipitation readings at Milford, NH and forwarding them to us each day. Their station replaces the former Milford station manned by longtime CPO, Andrew E. Rothovius.

A family affair
The Walshes, though new to our CPO program, are not

new to weather observing. They come to us as veteran weather observers, trained as Aerographers by the U.S. Navy. They met while stationed at Fleet Weather Central in Hawaii. With two high school children in the family (Robert a sophomore, and Emily a freshman), the weye12.jpg (10785 bytes)
Photo courtesy Bob Hammerstrom/The Nashus Telegraph
weye13.gif (942 bytes)
The Walshes [Jeanne, Emily, Robert, & Bob] at home - The newest family to join our family

weye13.gif (942 bytes)
couple will have plenty of help taking their daily readings. "My kids will help," said Bob. They will also rely on friends and neighbors as backup when they are away.


Mr. Andrew E. Rothovius, the former Cooperative Program Observer at Milford, NH, retired from the Cooperative Weather Program after faithfully forwarding weather information to us since 1951.
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