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The four icons you see here and in the upper left hand corner of page one are not just four pretty symbols used to enhance the looks of this newsletter.1 They represent the four kinds of data most of you, our Cooperative Program Observers, col-lect for us daily. The sun icon weye18.gif (924 bytes) represents temperature data; the snowflake icon weye19.gif (848 bytes) represents snow measurements; the raindrop icon weye20.gif (908 bytes) represents rainfall measurements; and, the blue wavy line icon weye21.gif (944 bytes) represents rivers or river gage readings.

Not all observers gather all four kinds of data. Although the majority of Cooperative Observer Stations collect precipitation and maximum and minimum temperature - there are several categories of stations. Some may collect only one element (i.e., river gage readings) while others may collect all four elements. One station even collects evaporation data. Therefore, any of the four icons (or any combination of the four) will appear before those headlines in future articles of WE that are instructional in nature. They will guide you to the articles that instruct or review how to collect the data (i.e., how to obtain liquid equivalent of snow on the ground), or how to use one of the instruments used to collect the data (i.e., how to reset maximum or minimum glass enclosed

thermometers), and others. This is the way you will be able find the article(s) most pertinent for your weather station operation. Of course you are always invited to read any and all articles.

This article is instructional in nature. It is an article about how to use this newsletter. It should be of interest to every Cooperative Observer. Therefore, all four icons were placed before the headline. Articles of general information, and those that are non-instructional, and those articles which do not review information will not contain any of the icons. weye3.gif (887 bytes)

1 The icons are taken from graphics augmented by Tim Buckelew, NERFC Senior Hydrologist and Icon Technical Guru for WE

Did Everyone Get a Copy of WE ?

We would like each non-family observer to have their own copy of WE. If the non-family secondary or backup CPO did not receive their own copy, please let us know so we may include them in our mailings.

By non-family observers we mean those friends and neighbors who fill in for you when you are away and cannot take the readings yourself. If you are a private or public company there may be more than one person involved in taking the observations at your location. We would like each observer at your location to have their own copy.

If you know of anyone who should have received this newsletter but did not, please drop us a card with the station name, the station number, the name of the observer and their mailing address, or fill out the form at the right (or a facsimile) and mail it to:

Weather Eye Subscriptions
c/o National Weather Service
445 Myles Standish Blvd.
Taunton, MA 02780

or e-mail me at:  

The Vallee Breeze (Continued from Page 2)

So, as you can see, our ability to forecast and warn of impending floods (of both a small and large scale) is a cooperative effort; a cooperative effort between two forecast offices, and most importantly you, the NWS Cooperative Observer.

Without your vital data we could not do our job! I would like to pass on to you from all of us a heartfelt thank you for your dedication!

Dave Vallee is the Service Hydrologist and resident hurricane expert for the Taunton well as the proud daddy of two sets of twins -
Ryan & Matthew and Molly & Christian.

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