BUFKIT Case Studies

8 July 99

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Freezing Precipitation 98010412.MSS
eta archive Provided By Paul Sisson & the folks at KBTV
Severe Convection 97070100.SUX
eta archive CAPEs over 4000. 
Severe  Summer Convection 98060200.BUF
eta archive As opposed to Severe Lake Effect Snow Convection
Lake Effect Snow  97102112.BUF eta archive  A Lake Effect Snow Event in October. 
Set Lake Temperature to 58°
WSR-88D Hail Algorithm Offset 97061212.OUN eta archive Select Overview Screen -> Convection Panel -> then WSR-88D Hail Data
Precipitation Type Test of Elevated Warm Layer
eta archive
This profile shows the need to address the case when the temperature goes from above to below to above and then below freezing.
Provided by Mike Cammarata & the folks at Columbia, SC.
Christmas Eve Coastal Mixed Precip Event
eta archive
Rain to sleet to snow to rain on Christmas.  Provided by Hugh Cobb & the folks at Wakefield, VA.
Ocean Effect Snow
eta or meso eta archive A 17" Lake Ocean Effect Snow Event with only 4200' tops!. Set lake temperature to 41°.  Provided by Jim Lee & the folks from Tauton, MA.
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