Lake Erie Ice Cover 2000-2001 Season

Due to the 7th coldest December on record in Buffalo, Lake Erie began to ice over a bit earlier than normal this season.  In fact, we could see appreciable ice cover as early as Christmas Day, December 25th.  

It's amazing just how much one picture can show you.  The following images were taken from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental  Satellite) which orbits at nearly 23,000 miles above the Earth's surface.  That's a "magic" distance which allows the satellite to orbit at roughly the same speed that the earth rotates, allowing it to remain over the same point (stationary) of the Earth (Geo)...hence goestationary!

In the following visible images, you will be able to see some fantastic geographic features such as the ice cover, the Finger Lakes, river valleys etc.,  which in some cases have been neatly outlined by snow cover.

Our friends at the National Ice Center have a great WEB site that contains a very detailed account of the ice pack on the Great Lakes.  Check it out!



ICE0405D.jpg (31742 bytes)
April 5th, 2001

ICE0323.jpg (105744 bytes)
March 23rd, 2001


ICE0319E.jpg (58950 bytes)
Mar 19th Lake Erie

ICE0319A.jpg (64584 bytes)
Mar 19th Eastern Lakes 

ICE0319O.jpg (46209 bytes)
Mar 19th Lake Ontario



010212_modis_vis_3.gif (237051 bytes)
WOW!  February 12, 2001



ICE0209E.jpg (84471 bytes)
February 11th

ICE0213E.jpg (62621 bytes)
February 13th



ICE0207A.jpg (93153 bytes)
February 7th


ICE0203E.jpg (90044 bytes)
February 3rd

ICE0203O.jpg (85313 bytes)
February 3rd


ICE0118.jpg (56132 bytes)
January 18th

PARTICEX.gif (93050 bytes)
January 21st


ICE0103A.gif (57703 bytes)
January 3rd

ICE0109.gif (76413 bytes)
January 9th


ICE1225.gif (97653 bytes)
December 25th

ICE1231A.gif (50666 bytes)
December 31st