Lake Erie Ice Cover 2002-2003 Season

The 2002-2003 season turned quite cold during the month of January.  This resulted in a rapid buildup of ice on Lake Erie.   

It's amazing just how much one picture can show you.  The following images were taken from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental  Satellite) which orbits at nearly 23,000 miles above the Earth's surface.  That's a "magic" distance which allows the satellite to orbit at roughly the same speed that the earth rotates, allowing it to remain over the same point (stationary) of the Earth (Geo)...hence geostationary!

In the following visible images, you will be able to see some fantastic geographic features such as the ice cover, the Finger Lakes, river valleys etc.,  which in some cases have been neatly outlined by snow cover.

Our friends at the National Ice Center have a great WEB site that contains a very detailed account of the ice pack on the Great Lakes.  Check it out!



Apr 10, 2003

lake0410full2.gif (189701 bytes)

LAKE0410.jpg (169706 bytes)

  Regional Ice Cover

Zoomed to Lake Erie


Mar 27, 2003

ICE0327A.GIF (139404 bytes)

Lake Ontario Ice Cover



Mar 17, 2003

ice0318a.gif (159813 bytes)

Lake Ontario Ice Cover


Mar 15, 2003

ice0315a.gif (168035 bytes)

ice0315b.gif (165664 bytes) ice0315c.gif (159732 bytes) ice0315e.gif (132830 bytes)

Great Lakes

 Eastern Lakes

Lake Erie

Lake Ontario


Mar 07, 2003

ice0307a.gif (162035 bytes)

ice0307d.gif (153384 bytes)

  Regional Ice Cover

Zoomed Image Lakes Erie/Ontario


Feb 08, 2003

ICE0208.gif (163195 bytes)

ICE0208B.gif (153821 bytes)

  Regional Ice Cover

Zoomed to Lake Erie


Feb 07, 2003

ICE0207.gif (164076 bytes)

Lake Ontario Ice Cover


January 30, 2003

ICE0130A.jpg (171414 bytes)

ICE0130B.jpg (203417 bytes)

Lake Erie With Features Labelled

Lake Erie With County Outlines


January 27, 2003

ICE0127A.jpg (188677 bytes)

ice0127c.gif (135620 bytes)

Static Image of Eastern Great Lakes

Lake Erie Loop

January 21, 2003

ICE0121B.jpg (198656 bytes)

January 21, 2003