Great Lakes Ice Cover Apr 10th, 2003

What a great image!  This image was taken at 11:15AM on April 10th.  Most of the ice has disappeared on the Great Lakes, except for parts of Georgian Bay.  The Lake Erie ice boom was removed on April 11th, the day after this image was taken. That's fog over Lake Ontario and snow cover over New York State.  The snow cover tells an interesting story.  This event was a recent snow/sleet/ice storm that occurred.  The Finger lakes Region has mainly snow cover.  Niagara and Orleans counties have sleet and snow cover, Rochester and east have mainly sleet and some ice, notice that area is not quite as white as the areas that had more snowfall.  Finally, in parts of Oswego county it is dark.  That is where the heaviest ice accumulation occurred.  One picture can tell an entire story!