2004-05 Eastern Great Lakes Ice Cover Shots

February 5, 2005

In the image below Lake Erie is pretty much ice-covered.  There is a very interesting feature on the east end of the lake, where the pack ice that is usually wedged into the are right around Buffalo has broken away and drifted from shore.  This is likely due to sustained easterly flow that occurred  for a few days before this image was taken.  I personally do not like seeing easterly winds at this time of the year, due to the potential to cause ice movements like these that strand ice fishermen offshore. 

On Lake Ontario, we likely have some ice cover along the south shore of the lake, but out over the north half of the lake we are dealing with a very extensive fog bank.  On this day there were reports of dense fog along the Canadian shore. 

Also note the fantastic features in New York state including the deep open waters of the Finger Lakes,  frozen Chautauqua Lake and the Allegheny Resevoir, and frozen Oneida Lake.

The corresponding ice cover chart from the National Ice Center is shown below.


National Ice Analysis from February 03, 2005