Lake Erie Ice Cover 1999-2000 Season

It's amazing what one picture can show you.  The following images were taken from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental  Satellite) which orbits at nearly 23,000 miles above the Earth's surface.  That's a "magic" distance which allows the satellite to orbit at roughly the same speed that the earth rotates, allowing it to remain over the same point (stationary) of the Earth (Geo)...hence goestationary!

In the following visible images, you will be able to see some fantastic geographic features such as the ice cover, the Finger Lakes, river valleys etc.,  which in some cases have been neatly outlined by snow cover.

Feb 5-6

Feb 5 ice
Feb 5, 2000

Feb 6 Ice
Feb 6, 2000

Feb 12

Feb 12 Ice
Feb 12, 2000

Feb 12 Erie and Ontario Ice Compare
Feb 12, 2000

Feb 15

Feb 15 Lake Erie
Feb 15, 2000
 Lake Erie

Feb 15 Loop
Feb 15, 2000
 Satellite Loop

Feb 15 Ontario
Feb 15, 2000
 Lake Ontario

Mar 3

Mar 3 Ice and Snow
Mar 3, 2000

Mar 3 Ice on Erie
Mar 3, 2000 Close-up

Mar 14

March 14 Lake Erie Ice
Mar 14, 2000

March 14 Lake Erie Ice Close-up
Mar 14, 2000 Close-up