February 17 - 18, 2005

Lake Flake scale: * 1 Flake


Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Erie: 11" (Ellicottville); Lk. Ontario: 10" (Phoenix).

Duration: 12 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: West Northwest flow following frontal passage. Diurnal factor.

Lake Flake Scale: * 1 Flake

The second lake effect “event” in less than a week followed another weak clipper passage and was a marginal one in regards to amount and impact.

Arctic air deepened during Thursday afternoon as snow showers and few heavier squalls were scattered throughout the area. As night fell, the instability over the land waned but snowbands consolidated near the lakeshores…a common occurrence in late winter with the stronger sun angle.

The activity drifted slowly south during the evening and overnight and weakened Friday morning as subsidence increased.

This event was brief, and affected little population. It earns
* 1 Star *

Off Lake Erie


11 inches
Stockton 9 inches
Perrsyburg 8 inches
South Dayton 7 inches
Jamestown 6 inches
Warsaw 5 inches


Off Lake Ontario


10 inches
Fair haven 8 inches
Hannibal 8 inches
West Monroe 6 inches
Syracuse 6 inches