March 4, 2005

Lake Flake scale: * 1 Flake


Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Ontario: 10" (Scriba).

Duration: 10 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: Westerly flow, brief but intense event.

Lake Flake Scale: * 1 Flake

The eighth lake effect event of the season was a brief but rather intense one as a cold westerly flow set up across Lake Ontario. Disorganized areas of lake snow southeast of the Lake during the overnight of 3-4th consolidated into a single band by 7 am on Friday the 4th and intensified. The band was near steady state across central Oswego county until about noon when it began to lift north and weaken as winds backed, shear increased, and diurnal warming from the March sun interacted with the earlier organization. The activity remained weak and broken from the late afternoon through the evening before dissipating completely around midnight as ridging built in, providing strong subsidence. 

Amounts averaged 6 to 10 inches across a ten mile wide strip of Oswego county from Oswego to Volney and Palermo. About 4 inches fell at Pulaski and also over northwest Oneida County.

No activity was observed off Lake Erie during this event. The Lake is mainly frozen…and there was more subsidence and low level shear over this lake than on Ontario.

This event was brief, and marginally heavy enough to classify. It earns * 1 Star * 


Off Lake Ontario 


10 inches
Palermo 9 inches
Volney 9 inches
Oswego 7 to 9 inches