DECEMBER 2-3, 2005

Lake Flake scale: *** 3 Flakes


Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Erie: 18" (Jamestown); Lk. Ontario: 27 " (Point Rock).

Duration: 48 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: Hybrid event evolving from synoptic, frontal and then pure lake effect. Good upstream connection. Large gradient from lakeshore (low) to inland (high).

Lake Flake Scale: *** 3 Flakes

The 2005-06 season’s third event began with a general synoptic inch or so during the evening of Dec 1st, then set up strongly off Lake Erie during the early morning of Friday (2nd) but to a lesser degree off Lake Ontario. Then a sharp frontal trof crossed the region during the midday and early afternoon hours on Friday, giving everyone a burst of snow, but disrupting the bands. Then the flow turned more northwesterly Friday night before backing a bit during Saturday. The bulk of the Lake Erie snow fell Friday, with only an inch or two Friday night into Saturday due to loss of upstream Lake connection and more shear, but the more intense activity off Lake Ontario was Friday night and Saturday as a good upper Lake connection was evident.

The ending of the event was of interest as a fast moving Low approached from the Midwest later Saturday…breaking down the wind fields on Lake Erie much earlier than it did on Lake Ontario, finally breaking down that band late Saturday evening.

Snowfall amounts were impressive…and interestingly, were focused well inland rather than along the lakeshore. This is not unusual for Lake Erie, where Dunkirk and Westfield often get less, but the maximum near Jamestown was unusual. More unusual were the relatively low amounts along the lakeshore on the Ontario band, with just 3-6 inches from Sodus to Oswego…while over 18” fell across southeast Oswego, Onondaga (including metro Syracuse), and northern Oneida counties. The event had healthy accumulations over a narrow area, but affected a large population, Jamestown in the west and Syracuse across central New York. It earns a healthy *** 3 Stars ***

Off Lake Erie


18 inches
Jamestown 18 inches
Cherry Hill 13 inches
Ellicottville 9 inches
Friendship 8 inches

Off Lake Ontario

Point Rock (Onedia Co.)

27 inches
Syracuse AP 21 inches
West Monroe 20 inches
Constantia 20 inches
Cato 10 inches