DECEMBER 4-5, 2005

Lake Flake scale: ** 2 Flakes


Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Ontario: 16 " (Redfield).

Duration: 18 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: Localized but fairly intense event off Lake Ontario. Little off Erie.

Lake Flake Scale: ** 2 Flakes

The 2005-06 season's fourth event was a relatively brief one, following on the heels of a minor synoptic event during Saturday night and Sunday morning (3-4th). Westerly winds lined up in the lower levels off Lake Ontario and snowbands set up during the early and mid afternoon of 4th. This activity remained pretty much steady state across northern Oswego and southern Lewis counties through the evening and most of the night before lifting northward a bit into southern Jefferson county Monday morning. There was little response off Erie, perhaps an inch or two over the Chautauqua ridge as there was more shear and the cap was lower. All activity was disrupted by midday Monday as our region was on the periphery of a coastal storm and winds became light and sheared.

12 to 16 inches fell in a ten mile wide area focusing on far northern Oswego county and the Tug Hill of Lewis County but amounts dropped off fairly quickly on either side of this band. The event had decent accumulations over a narrow area, but affected a very small population. It barely earns ** 2 Stars **.


Off Lake Ontario


16 inches
Highmarket 14 inches
N. Osceola 13 inches
Lowville 5 inches