DECEMBER 12, 2005

Lake Flake scale: * 1 Flake


Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Erie: 4" (Perrysburg). Lk. Ontario: 9" (Scriba).

Duration: 8 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: Evolved from a synoptic feature.

Lake Flake Scale: * 1 Flake

After a break of a few days, another low affected the region on 11th with a general light snow of an inch or two. As its trailing front approached and passed, upslope snow of a few inches was the rule over the western Tug Hill and ridges southeast of Lake Erie . Eventually, cold air deepened enough to result in "pure" lake effect, but only for several hours. Snowfall for the entire event ranged upwards of a foot, but some of this was synoptic and frontal. Ridging shut down the activity by later Monday (12th) afternoon.

This was a brief and marginal event with little or no impact. It barely earns * 1 Star *.


Off Lake Erie


4 inches
Frewsburg 3 inches

Off Lake Ontario


9 inches
Mexico 7 inches
N. Osceola 6 inches