DECEMBER 19, 2005

Lake Flake scale: *** 3 Flakes

Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Erie: 8" (Stockton). Lk. Ontario: 28" (N. Osceola).

Duration: 18 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: Intense "classic" event off Lake Ontario.

Lake Flake Scale: *** 3 Flakes

Our overall very active December pattern continued as yet another arctic airmass swept down across the region on a westerly flow. Lake snows developed late in the evening of Sunday the 18th off Lake Ontario and really intensified shortly after midnight on Monday 19th. Winds were well aligned with little shear and strong instability so the bands remained near steady state until later in the afternoon when increasing shear and lowering inversions broke it up, but not until over two feet fell in favored Tug Hill locations as well as much of Oswego County.  

The flow was weaker briefer and a bit more sheared over Lake Erie, and there also was a bit of ice cover 
which may have had some impact,
as activity there broke up and became disorganized by noon, but a few 
spots on the ridges did catch over 6".  

The activity shut down for a few hours Monday night before the next front dropped across Tuesday with 
more lake effect, see "Himalayan" for  that activity.

This was a brief but very intense event off Lake Ontario . It affected little population, but intensity 
and amounts earned it *** 3 Stars ***.


Off Lake Erie


8 inches
Warsaw 7 inches
S. Dayton 6 inches

Off Lake Ontario

N. Osceola

28 inches
Pulaski 22 inches
Oswego 14 inches
Highmarket 13 inches