DECEMBER 20, 2005

Lake Flake scale: * 1 Flake

Maximum Snowfall: Lk. Erie: 10" (Chafee). Lk. Ontario: 14" (N. Osceola).

Duration: 10 Hours +/-

Prime Feature: Moderate brief post-frontal event.

Lake Flake Scale: * 1 Flake

The Lake machine barely had time to rest for a few hours before yet another fast moving front dropped across the region during the overnight of 19-20th was followed by another quick shot of arctic air, setting up some lake effect once again Tuesday morning into the afternoon. This event was of very short duration though as a ridge and warming aloft shut down the activity by the evening of 20th, just before the "official" start of winter.  

This makes six storms in one month, the most in a single month in the 11 year history of our network, and once again, pretty much the same areas were affected, as flow was in a 270-280 range, the Tug Hill and Oswego county off Ontario with up to a foot, and the ridges from southern Erie to NW Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties with 8-10". This brought monthly totals to over 100" over the southeast Tug and over 70" over the ridges southeast of Lake Erie, while few problems elsewhere.

This was another brief event with little impact. It affected little population so earns just * 1 Star *.


Off Lake Erie


10 inches
Perrysburg 10 inches
S. Wales 6 inches

Off Lake Ontario

N. Osceola

14 inches
Pulaski 6 inches
Mexico 6 inches