Lake Effect Summary - January 23-24, 2007

Maximum Snowfall: Lake Erie 8" (Arkwright); Lake Ontario 9" (Barnes Corners) 

Duration: 18 hours +/- 

Prime Feature: Marginal event.

January's third event was associated with the passage of a trof/cold front during the afternoon and early evening of Tuesday 23rd. The wind flow turned southwest ahead of the front and the airmass was just barely cold enough but moist so a band of lake effect snow broke out over Erie county during the mid and late morning and dropped a quick 2-3" on Buffalo and its eastern suburbs. This dissipated at midday as warmer air briefly squished the activity, but more activity broke out in the early afternoon as colder air swept in with the band dropping quickly south as winds veered to west. Snow fell at an inch per hour for a couple of hours and had some impact on traffic, but cleared out of the Buffalo metro area before the evening rush hour. The snowbands settled into ski country during the evening and dropped several inches but increasing shear weakened the activity after midnight. Off Lake Ontario, a similar scenario ensued a few hours later, with several inches falling over Watertown in the southwest flow, then some locally heavy snowbands over the Tug Hill later in the evening as the flow turned westerly. Some thunder was even reported around midnight. The activity settled into Oswego county and dropped several inches Wednesday morning before cutting off by midday. Reported Snowfall totals on the Tug were in the 8 inch range, but radar indications are that a bit more fell in isolated areas.

The event was a brief event with limited impact. It therefore earns one * star.

Here are some representative reports. 

Off of Lake Erie...

Location Snowfall
Arkwright 8 inches
Perrysburg 6 inches
Buffalo E. Suburbs 5 inches
Warsaw 5 inches

Off of Lake Ontario...

Location Snowfall
Barnes Corners 9 inches
N. Osceola 8 inches
Hooker 8 inches
Adams 5 inches
Watertown 5 inches
Constantia 5 inches


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