Lake Effect Summary - February 9-11, 2011

Maximum Snowfall: Lake Erie <2" ; Lake Ontario 25" (Pulaski) 

Duration: 60 hours +/- 

Prime Feature: Shifting winds, exclusive Lake Ontario event.

The season's 8th event was a rather typical late season one, and as usual, in February, was restricted to Lake Ontario. The event evolved from a synoptic one, with westerly winds just cold enough to set off some Lake Effect bands during the early morning hours of Wed. 9th across Oswego county. The winds backed ahead of a short wave trough during the day Wednesday and the activity consolidated into a single intense plume across north central Jefferson county just north of Watertown during the afternoon, up to ten inches fell near Theresa. The winds veered with passage of the trough but the band again consolidated, this time over northern Oswego and west central Lewis counties. It became very intense later in the evening and into the wee hours of thurs 10th. Some 19" fell in Pulaski from 9 pm to 3 am. The activity drifted south near daybreak and held closer to the Lake as winds lightened, with another 6" near Oswego in the morning. The activity then weakened with increasing shear and lifted north Thurs afternoon and continued overnight Thurs Nt over Jefferson county when the Watertown area caught 3-5". It weakened further up by the St. Lawrence valley on Friday morning 11th. Winds backed further with increasing shear and virtually shut down the activity by Friday afternoon.

Lake Erie was about 95% frozen and could do little more than produce some flurries across the Buffalo area at times.

This event has some decent totals, but was spread out and had limited impact. It therefore earns two ** stars.

Here are some representative reports. 

Off Lake Ontario - Location Snowfall
Pulaski 25 inches
Redfield 24 inches
Lacona 24 inches
Scriba 22 inches
Theresa 20 inches
Barnes Corners 15 inches
Copenhagen 10 inches
Watertown 9 inches
Harrisville 7 inches


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