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Forecast Model Data

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 Short-Range or Mesoscale Models:

RUC (0-12 hours)
MM5 (SUNY Stony Brook)

 Intermediate-Range Models:

ETA Alternate 1 Alternate 2  
AVN Alternate
Canadian GEM (Global Environmental Multiscale) Model

 Longer-Range Models:

MRF (0-10 days) MRF (0-16 days)
MRF Ensemble Forecasts (0-16 days) Alternate
ECMWF (3-6 days)
NOGAPS (0-6 days)
SEF (from Environment Canada)

  Model Output Statistics

 NWS Forecast Graphics (NOAA's National Center for Envirnomental Prediction (NCEP)

12 hrs front/precipitation

18 hrs front/precipitation

24 hrs front/precipitation

30 hrs front/precipitation

36 hrs front/precipitation

48 hrs front/precipitation

Day 3 sfc and fronts

Day 4 sfc an fronts

Day 5 sfc and fronts

Day 3 min Temp fcst

Day 4 min Temp fcst

Day 5 min Temp fcst

Day 6 min Temp fcst

Day 7 min Temp fcst

Day 3 max Temp fcst

Day 4 max Temp fcst

Day 5 max Temp fcst

Day 6 max Temp fcst

Day 7 max Temp fcst




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