By: Michael Fitzsimmons


The National Weather Service and the Amateur Radio Relay League will co-sponsor the sixth annual SKYWARN Recognition Day on Saturday, December 4th, 2004 beginning

0000 UTC to 2400 UTC. The purpose of the event is to recognize the tremendous contributions of amateur radio operators during times of severe weather and to strengthen the relationship between amateur radio operators within the county warning area to their local National Weather Service office. During the past several years, amateurs from northern and eastern Maine have provided timely information which is used to prepare valuable public information statements describing snowfall accumulations, highest recorded wind gusts and rainfall amounts to name a few.


This special event provides amateurs the opportunity to work along side meteorologists, using state of the art equipment, to contact other participating National Weather Service offices and other amateurs from around the world. When contact is made with other National Weather Service offices, the QSO will be an exchange of current weather conditions including, sky condition, precipitation, wind and temperature at a minimum. Following the event, the National Weather Service in Caribou will be issuing QSL cards to other participating National Weather Service offices and to any amateurs who made contact with our office.


During SKYWARN Recognition Day 2003, 115 National Weather Service offices participated in this special event. In previous years, amateurs participating at the Caribou office have made contacts with dozens of other National Weather Service offices, and earned several certificates and endorsements for the office. This twenty-four hour event promises to be educational as well as fun. Additional information about SKYWARN Recognition Day 2004 can be obtained by going to http://hamradio.noaa.gov .