Climate Summary for Summer 2004

By: Victor Nouhan, Climate Focal Point


Overall, northern and eastern Maine experienced a cooler and wetter summer (June through August) than average.


Temperature wise, the summer opened with one of the coolest June’s in quite some time.  However, as the summer progressed, July and August finished closer to average with no summer month averaging above normal for the region as a whole.  Houlton experienced a tie for the 8th coolest summer of record and Caribou a tie for 18th, illustrating the overall cool character of the summer of 2004.


Most of the area also experienced above normal rainfall (about 120 to 150 percent of average), but typical of summer, rainfall was somewhat spotty, as highlighted by Houlton, one of the few locations to experience slightly below average rainfall.  Much of the rainfall this past summer was associated with stalled frontal systems and remnant moisture from several tropical systems moving northeast along these frontal systems, especially late July into August.  The heaviest seasonal rainfall tallies were from the mountainous area of northwest Maine, where some locations exceeded 20 inches (150 to 200 percent of average).  Overall, the summer rainfall total of 13.22 inches at Caribou (typical of many locations in the region) ranked the 12th highest since records began in 1939.

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