Caribou Winter Weather Quiz

On average, what is the snowiest month in Caribou?
a) January
b) November
c) February
d) March


3) What's the most consecutive days in which Caribou has received greater than an inch of snowfall?


5) Which city averages the most snowfall?
a) Ancorage (Alaska)
b) Fairbanks (Alaska)
c) Caribou (Maine)
d) International Falls (Minnesota)


7) What's the maximum snow depth on record for caribou?
a) 36 inches (3 feet)
b) 43 inches (about 3.5 feet)
c) 50 inches (about 4 feet)
d) 62 inches (about 5 feet)


9) The earliest measurable snowfall in Caribou occured on:
a) August 24, 1954
b) September 15, 1998
c) September 29, 1991
d) October 10, 1978
2) If the wind is blowing 60 mph and the temperature is 20 F, what is the wind chill?
a) 20 F
b) - 5 F
c) - 20 F
d) - 60 F


4) Choose the correct end to the phrase: Sleet is___?
a) the same thing as hail.
b) formed in layers.
c) usually formed in thunderstorms.
d) raindrops that freeze into ice before reaching the ground.


6) Caribou Maine averages how many inches of snow a year?
a) 88
b) 104
c) 116
d) 133


8) What is the deepest snow pack recorded in Caribou in November?
a) 16 inches
b) 24 inches
c) 28 inches
d) 34 inches


10) What are the odds of Caribou getting a white Christmas? (at least an inch of snow on the ground)
a) 100%
b) 95%
c) 90%
d) 80%

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