The first half of the 2006-'07 snow season was quite warm. Except for some snow in early December, there was little significant snow until later in January when it started to turn colder. February and early March, in contrast to the first half of the winter, were quite cold and snowy. February was one of the coldest months on record with temperatures well below normal much of the month. Heavy snow (10 to 15 inches) fell across much of the area on February 13 into the 14th and strong gusty north winds blew the powdery snow into drifts up to 3 feet deep. Just when winter seemed to be letting up, an unusually late lake effect snow occurred on April 6-8 2007 with snowfall of 20 to 30 inches from Cleveland east across the snowbelt. Whereas Christmas was wet, Easter was white across much of northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania.

Snow amounts for 2006-'07 were above normal in and near the snowbelt of northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania. Seasonal snow was below normal across northwest Ohio and much of north central Ohio. Record seasonal snow fell at Youngstown with a total of 90.2 inches - the old record was 85.3 inches from 1950-'51. Normal seasonal snow at Youngstown is 54.4 inches. Maximum 2006-'07 snowfall amounts in northwest Pennsylvania were above 200 inches and above 180 inches in extreme northeast Ohio.