The La Nina winter of 2007-'08 was active with frequent storms across the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes. Snowfall was above normal as was rainfall. Several of the storms also featured strong winds, especially during the first half of the winter.

The winter started slow with little snow in November, but there were several small to moderate snows in December. Christmas was green but the New Year started with a snowstorm across northeast Ohio and northwest Pennsylvania that brought near blizzard conditions. January was considerably warmer than normal. Winter weather and cold temperatures dominated during February and March. Some locations were near or at record snowfall for February and most locations reported near or record snow for the month of March. The winter peaked with a record snow storm on March 7th and 8th with 12 to 20 inches of snow in most areas and near blizzard conditions.

Seasonal snowfall varied from less than 50 inches across parts of northwest Ohio but 60 to 80 inches was average for most of north central and northeast Ohio. As is normal, locations in the snowbelt reported considerably more snow. A peak of 176.6 inches was reported in northern Geauga County and 181.9 inches reported in eastern Erie County Pennsylvania. The Youngstown-Warren Airport reported the snowiest winter on record with a seasonal total of 102.8 inches.