Winter 2011-2012 (Northern Ohio, Northwest Pennsylvania).

Winter? What winter?

We started out the winter with a warm November and December, and then it just got warmer. Cold spells were brief, usually about once a week, and often on the weekend. It would snow a little and there was some wind, which made it feel colder than it really was. Then a day or two later it was 40+ degrees again. There were a few lake effect snows, January 2nd and January 14th and again on February 11th. Overall, snow for the season was well below normal.

The winter ended with unprecedented warmth in March leading to a very early spring (80+ degrees in March!). March became the warmest month on record relative to normal (13 degrees above normal at Cleveland). April got chilly but temperatures and snowfall were actually near normal. It seemed colder than March and in fact it was - the average temperature in April was colder than March!

Precipitation decreased through the winter and it was rather dry in many areas by late Spring.