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Pictures from the Office

Double Rainbow from 1 Oct 2006:
Click on the picture for a tutorial (from the Univ of Illinois Dept of Atmospheric Sciences) on an optical/physical explaination on Rainbow formation, Primary Rainbows, and when/how a Double Rainbow occurrs.

Double Rainbow over LeMont, PA and Mount Nittany on October 1st, 2006.

The PSU Meteo 484 Class from the Spring 2005 Semester learns about data collection from CPM Paul Head
The PSU Meteo 484 Class from the Spring 2005 Semester learns about data collection from CPM Paul Head

Pictures of local events past:

General Pictures of the Office
NWS State College MIC Bruce Budd, WCM Dave Ondrejik, and visitors from the Meteorological Services of Kenya
NWS State College hosts recent visitors from the Meteorological Services of Kenya

    The PSU Radar Meteorology Class Takes a Tour of The KCCX 88D RDA Site (September 1998)
  1. The Class
  2. The 88D RDA (Radar Data Acquisition Unit)
  3. Former CTP ESA Jim Lane lecturing to the Class (Jim is now at another NWS office)
  4. More of Jim and the Class
  5. The Klystron (DANGER !! - This piece of hardware makes consistent pulses of energy)
  6. The Waveguide and A/C Units (The energy produced by the Klystron travels through the waveguide up to the radar dish)
  7. Some Gages and Dials (I'm sure Jim knows what they do!)
  8. The view going up the stairs (The stairs climb 80 feet to the pedestal base)
  9. Your webmaster on the steps
  10. More of the view from the steps (Senior Forecaster John LaCorte, Photographer)
  11. Even more of the view
  12. Inside the Radome (Jim holds class at 80 feet up)
  13. The pedestal (The thing that rotates the dish)
  14. The 'skin' of the radome (yes, it's a plastic material)
  15. PSU Professor (Dr. Hans Verlinde) helping Jim with the details (This gives a good size relation between the radar dish and people - the dish is 10 meters across)
  16. Entering the radome(Whew!)
  17. Exiting the radome (Imagine what this is like in winter)
  18. More of me leaving
  19. The view coming down the stairs (Black Moshannon State Park/Forest)
  20. The view down the stairs
  21. The Fire Tower for Black Moshannon (and some trees)
  22. The Benchmark on Rattlesnake Ridge (The tower base elevation)
  23. The end of the tour. (Leaving the Radar Site)

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