Weather in Review


What follows are some of the significant events NWS State College has documented since 1993. With almost 34 years in the business, Ive seen some pretty impressive weather, much of it in the past 7 years. Pennsylvania gets an incredible amount of hazardous weather. Ive had enough!


The First Tornado Tracked by Doppler


Pond Bank Tornado

Franklin County April 30, 1994


An F2 tornado destroyed this mobile home near Chambersburg. Two occupants survived, but were seriously injured. It was the first rotating thunderstorm tracked by the State College Doppler Radar.


The Real Thing Hits Pepsi


Kantz Tornado

Snyder County June 6, 1994


A tornado and downburst winds damaged 37 homes, 22 farm structures, and a Pepsi bottling plant southwest of Selinsgrove. Damages totaled $2.5 million.


Another Tobacco Hazard


Millersville Tornado

Lancaster County May 29, 1995


A small tornado lifted a tobacco shed off its foundation, and dropped it on a car. The driver and her two children remarkably escaped injury when a beam fell down the middle of the vehicle.


Capital City Under 3 Feet of Snow


Harrisburg, Dauphin County January 12, 1996


Two major snowstorms in less than a weeks time piled snow up to 3 feet deep in Harrisburg and much of the rest of the state, setting the stage for the great January meltdown.


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