The Ice Goes Out; So Does the Bridge


Photo by Suzanne Yenchko, 1996

Walnut Street Bridge, Harrisburg

January 19, 1996 Flood


Strong winds, warm temperatures, and rainfall of 1 to 3 inches combined to melt the deep snowpack and create the worst flooding since Hurricane Agnes.


A Nice Looking Wall Cloud


Harrisburg Tornado May 11, 1996


A small tornado touched down on the north side of Harrisburg on Cameron Street, damaging apartments and a factory. This photo shows the wall cloud with the tornado obscured by the houses.


The same storms that rolled through Harrisburg continued east into Schuylkill County, taking down trees and damaging homes and mobile homes in Mary-D and Tuscarora, east of Pottsville.


No Match for a Tree


Mary-D Tornado

Schuylkill County May 11, 1996


A mobile home in Mary-D was completely destroyed when a tree hit it lengthwise.


4-Wheel Drive Good for Snow, Not Tornadoes


Colver Tornado

Cambria County July 19, 1996


The Colver tornado was the second of two tornadoes to cross Cambria County and one of nine to cross the state on the 19th of July, 1996.


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