Barn Razing at Table Rock


Table Rock Tornado, Near Biglerville

Adams County May 5, 1998


A small tornado took out a chicken coop, a number of trees, and pretty much cleaned out the above barn north of Gettysburg in early May of 1998.


A Big One Hits Salisbury/Pocahontas


Salisbury-Pocahontas Tornado

Somerset County May 31, 1998


One of some 40 tornadoes to cross Pennsylvania in 3 days, from May 31 to June 2, 1998, this F3 tornado completely destroyed a barn and farmhouse in Pocahontas. Just two days after the above storm struck Salisbury, another round hit the state. Two more strong tornadoes crossed just north and east of Salisbury. Another hit just south of Bradford, and one moved through Irish Valley near Shamokin.


Dont Open the Windows


Custer Tornado, Near Bradford

McKean County June 2, 1998


The Custer tornado literally pulled the windows out of this west facing side of a concrete block garage. Strong southerly winds flowing across the structure probably created the forces that sucked the windows and blocks out of the building.


A Compact Car


Downburst, Near Garland

Warren County July 9, 1999


This parked car, near Garland, was crushed by a tree as thunderstorms crossed the area. A second tree fell nearby on another vehicle, killing one occupant and critically injuring two others. Hundreds of trees were blown down across parts of Warren County with the storms.


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