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The disaster decade of the 90ís is shown above in the Red Cross Map of the country.An apt national summary of events since we opened our doors in State College, and a fitting close to the disasters documented here, itís also a great organization to remember with your donations.


Since 1993, our dedicated staff, along with state, county, and local emergency management, law enforcement and communications people, SKYWARN, and the Red Cross, have helped our state through some pretty impressive weather.


A New SkyWarn Volunteer


January 1, 2001, I take off my editorís hat and lay down my analystís pencil.Despite the worldís best technology, the job of forecasting the weather and warning for tornadoes and floods is a young manís business, requiring split second decisions, a good memory, and maybe even nerves of steel.


I want to personally thank you all for helping us.From early efforts to build our office into a modern forecast and warning center, through the worst floods since Agnes and the most damaging tornadoes since 1985, you made our warnings better.


Thanks for being part of our warning programs, and thanks for being so generous and friendly to me.Iíll miss the SkyWarn training sessions and my journeys through some of the prettiest parts of Pennsylvania.Best wishes to all; 73ís to the Hams.


Tom Dunham



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