SKYWARN Training Sessions

Date County/Town Facility Street

September 17, 2000

9 am

York County/


Ham Fest

York County Vo-Tech High School

2179 Queen Street

September 26, 2000 630 pm

Cambria/ Ebensburg

Emergency Management 9-1-1 Center

 401 Candlelight Drive

October 17, 2000 7 pm

Adams / Gettysburg

Court House Emergency Management

117 Baltimore St


































SKYWARN training sessions are usually about 1 to 2 hours in length.


The program includes:

1. A review of recent tornado and flood events across central PA.

2. A look at NWS operations, including how Doppler Radar is used to

warn for hazardous weather.

3. A climatology of tornadoes across Pennsylvania, including relatively

high and low risk areas.

4. Primary weather ingredients that produce tornadic thunderstorms.

5. Identifying Wall clouds, funnels, tornadoes, and tornado look a likes.

6. Weather Terminology and Communications.

7. Tornado and Flash Flood Safety.

If time permits, about 10 minutes of Video is shown of the only F5 tornado (Winds over 260 MPH)

Documented in PA along with some other impressive tornado footage.