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Frederick Municipal Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2916:45W 810.00Partly CloudySCT0707355 29.99NA
2915:45W 8 G 1610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0707366 29.98NA
2914:55NW 12 G 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0707355 29.97NA
2913:47W 810.00OvercastBKN040 BKN048 OVC0557357 29.97NA
2912:45W 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN038 BKN0477057 29.97NA
2911:45SW 710.00Partly CloudySCT0367055 29.97NA
2910:52W 710.00Partly CloudySCT0336654 29.97NA
2909:49Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0506355 29.97NA
2908:55NA10.00ClearSKC6355 29.97NA
2907:55Calm10.00ClearSKC6155 29.96NA
2906:45SW 610.00Partly CloudySCT0435954 29.94NA
2906:35SW 510.00Partly CloudySCT0435954 29.94NA
2906:30S 510.00Partly CloudySCT0435954 29.94NA
2906:10W 710.00FairCLR5954 29.93NA
2905:50W 710.00FairCLR6155 29.93NA
2905:30SW 510.00Partly CloudySCT0606155 29.92NA
2905:10Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0606159 29.92NA
2904:50NW 310.00FairCLR6157 29.91NA
2904:30W 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN0496357 29.90NA
2904:10W 810.00Mostly CloudyBKN047 BKN0556359 29.90NA
2903:50W 510.00Partly CloudySCT0456359 29.90NA
2903:30W 810.00FairCLR6359 29.89NA
2903:10W 910.00Partly CloudySCT039 SCT0486459 29.88NA
2902:50W 810.00OvercastBKN039 OVC0466459 29.89NA
2902:30W 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN039 BKN0606359 29.88NA
2902:10NW 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN0606461 29.87NA
2901:50NW 610.00Mostly CloudySCT060 BKN0806461 29.87NA
2901:30W 610.00OvercastOVC0806461 29.87NA
2901:10NW 510.00OvercastSCT070 OVC0806661 29.87NA
2900:50W 510.00Partly CloudySCT070 SCT0906461 29.87NA
2900:30W 810.00Partly CloudySCT0906461 29.87NA
2900:10W 710.00Partly CloudySCT043 SCT0906661 29.87NA
2823:50NW 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN075 BKN0906859 29.87NA
2823:30NW 710.00OvercastOVC0856861 29.87NA
2823:10W 710.00OvercastSCT060 OVC0856861 29.87NA
2822:50W 610.00Partly CloudySCT0606863 29.87NA
2822:30W 510.00FairCLR6863 29.86NA
2822:10W 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN1006863 29.85NA
2821:50W 1010.00OvercastSCT065 OVC1007064 29.85NA
2821:30W 1010.00OvercastOVC1007064 29.84NA
2821:10W 12 G 1610.00OvercastSCT065 OVC1007064 29.83NA
2820:50W 910.00OvercastSCT065 OVC0707064 29.82NA
2819:55NA10.00Mostly CloudyBKN0557263 29.80NA
2818:45W 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN0487563 29.75NA
2817:45W 12 G 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT050 BKN0607963 29.74NA
2816:45NA10.00Mostly CloudySCT048 BKN0557963 29.72NA
2815:55W 1710.00Partly CloudySCT0707963 29.71NA
2814:55NA10.00Mostly CloudyBKN0557963 29.70NA
2813:45NA10.00Mostly CloudyBKN0558163 29.70NA
2812:50W 25 G 3510.00Clear and BreezySKC8161 29.70NA
2811:48NW 18 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyBKN0557963 29.70NA
2810:50W 15 G 2010.00Mostly CloudySCT036 SCT043 BKN0507964 29.69NA
2809:50NW 13 G 1610.00Mostly CloudySCT033 BKN0427966 29.68NA
2808:45W 9 G 1610.00Mostly CloudySCT040 BKN1107768 29.66NA
2807:45W 12 G 1710.00Mostly CloudyBKN039 BKN1007570 29.65NA
2807:00Calm10.00ClearSKC6666 29.63NA
2806:35Calm5.00 Fog/MistCLR6464 29.62NA
2806:25Calm4.00 Fog/MistCLR6464 29.62NA
2806:05Calm7.00FairCLR6464 29.62NA
2805:45Calm10.00FairCLR6464 29.62NA
2805:25Calm10.00FairCLR6464 29.62NA
2805:05S 310.00FairCLR6464 29.61NA
2804:45Calm10.00FairCLR6464 29.61NA
2804:25SE 52.50 Fog/MistCLR6464 29.61NA
2804:05Calm4.00 Fog/MistCLR6464 29.61NA
2803:45Calm4.00 Fog/MistCLR6464 29.61NA
2803:25SE 34.00 Fog/MistSCT0036464 29.62NA
2803:05Calm5.00 Fog/MistBKN005 BKN0486666 29.63NA
2802:45Calm7.00OvercastBKN005 OVC0486666 29.64NA
2802:25W 310.00OvercastOVC0056666 29.64NA
2802:05Calm10.00OvercastOVC0056666 29.64NA
2801:45NW 310.00OvercastOVC0056666 29.64NA
2801:25Calm10.00OvercastOVC0076868 29.66NA
2801:05Calm10.00 Thunderstorm in VicinityBKN007 BKN1206666 29.67NA
2800:45Calm10.00 Thunderstorm in VicinitySCT027 SCT034 SCT1206666 29.66NA
2800:25NE 510.00 Thunderstorm in VicinityBKN028 BKN033 BKN0416868 29.66NA
2800:05N 1010.00 Light Thunderstorm Rain in VicinitySCT020 BKN030 OVC0606868 29.67NA
2723:45N 3 G 167.00 Thunderstorm RainBKN020 BKN031 OVC1106868 29.69NA0.22
2723:25NE 77.00 Thunderstorm RainSCT019 BKN035 OVC1106868 29.69NA0.17
2723:05N 32.50 Heavy Thunderstorm RainOVC0197068 29.73NA0.13
2722:45N 1010.00 ThunderstormBKN019 OVC0277268 29.71NA
2722:25N 910.00 ThunderstormSCT019 BKN055 OVC0657372 29.69NA
2722:05Calm10.00 ThunderstormBKN055 BKN0857773 29.69NA
2721:45Calm10.00FairCLR7773 29.70NA
2721:25SW 310.00FairCLR7773 29.69NA
2721:05S 310.00Partly CloudySCT060 SCT1007773 29.69NA
2720:45S 310.00Mostly CloudySCT090 BKN1007973 29.70NA
2719:55S 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN070 BKN0908173 29.70NA
2718:50NA10.00ClearSKC8272 29.71NA
2717:45S 810.00ClearSKC8473 29.71NA
2716:45NA10.00ClearSKC8470 29.74NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.altimeter
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation

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