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Lewisburg / Greenbrier
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2321:15N 610.00FairCLR4925 30.03NA
2320:55N 710.00FairCLR4925 30.02NA
2320:35N 510.00FairCLR4925 30.00NA
2320:15Calm10.00FairCLR5025 29.99NA
2319:55NW 910.00FairCLR5125 575129.98NA
2319:35NW 610.00FairCLR5325 29.98NA
2319:15NW 1010.00FairCLR5425 29.97NA
2318:55NW 13 G 2010.00FairCLR5324 29.96NA
2318:35NW 9 G 1710.00FairCLR5525 29.96NA
2318:15NW 12 G 1810.00FairCLR5525 29.96NA
2317:55NW 12 G 1710.00FairCLR5525 29.96NA
2317:35NW 13 G 2010.00FairCLR5625 29.95NA
2317:15NW 9 G 1710.00FairCLR5624 29.95NA
2316:55N 10 G 2110.00FairCLR5624 29.95NA
2316:35N 10 G 2110.00FairCLR5625 29.95NA
2316:15NW 13 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0605625 29.96NA
2315:55N 1010.00FairCLR5626 29.95NA
2315:35NW 12 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0555625 29.95NA
2315:15NW 13 G 2010.00Partly CloudySCT0555626 29.94NA
2314:55N 13 G 1810.00FairCLR5626 29.94NA
2314:35N 12 G 2110.00FairCLR5526 29.93NA
2314:15N 14 G 2210.00FairCLR5525 29.93NA
2313:55NW 9 G 2310.00FairCLR5526 554129.93NA
2313:35NW 15 G 2410.00FairCLR5425 29.93NA
2313:15NW 8 G 2110.00FairCLR5425 29.92NA
2312:55NW 10 G 1610.00FairCLR5326 29.92NA
2312:35N 10 G 2010.00FairCLR5226 29.92NA
2312:15NW 12 G 2110.00FairCLR5124 29.92NA
2311:55NW 810.00FairCLR5026 29.92NA
2311:35NW 910.00FairCLR4925 29.93NA
2311:15NW 610.00FairCLR4825 29.93NA
2310:55NW 5 G 1610.00FairCLR4726 29.93NA
2310:35W 910.00Partly CloudySCT039 SCT0474627 29.93NA
2310:15W 8 G 1610.00Mostly CloudySCT035 BKN0434527 29.93NA
2309:55NW 7 G 1710.00OvercastOVC0334327 29.93NA
2309:35NW 10 G 1710.00OvercastOVC0334328 29.93NA
2309:15NW 7 G 1710.00Mostly CloudyBKN033 BKN0414227 29.92NA
2308:55NW 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN0314228 29.91NA
2308:35NW 12 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT029 SCT0354229 29.91NA
2308:15W 910.00Partly CloudySCT0294129 29.90NA
2307:55NW 6 G 1710.00Partly CloudySCT027 SCT0334129 494029.89NA
2307:35NW 610.00Partly CloudySCT027 SCT0334130 29.89NA
2307:15W 610.00Partly CloudySCT029 SCT0354030 29.88NA
2306:55W 610.00Partly CloudySCT0334129 29.86NA
2306:35NW 5 G 1710.00Partly CloudySCT0334130 29.86NA
2306:15NW 610.00Partly CloudySCT0314130 29.85NA
2305:55NW 710.00Partly CloudySCT0334230 29.84NA
2305:35NW 610.00FairCLR4230 29.83NA
2305:15Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0314230 29.83NA
2304:55NW 510.00FairCLR4230 29.82NA
2304:35NW 510.00FairCLR4330 29.82NA
2304:15NW 610.00FairCLR4430 29.82NA
2303:55NW 610.00FairCLR4430 29.81NA
2303:35NW 510.00FairCLR4530 29.81NA
2303:15NW 6 G 1710.00FairCLR4629 29.81NA
2302:55NW 810.00FairCLR4729 29.80NA
2302:35NW 910.00FairCLR4728 29.81NA
2302:15NW 610.00FairCLR4826 29.81NA
2301:55NW 510.00FairCLR4925 654929.81NA
2301:35W 8 G 1610.00FairCLR5025 29.81NA
2301:15NW 15 G 2110.00FairCLR5124 29.81NA
2300:55NW 13 G 1710.00FairCLR5223 29.81NA
2300:35NW 8 G 2210.00FairCLR5324 29.80NA
2300:15NW 810.00FairCLR5425 29.80NA
2223:55NW 12 G 1810.00FairCLR5526 29.79NA
2223:35NW 13 G 2010.00FairCLR5629 29.79NA
2223:15NW 14 G 2110.00FairCLR5731 29.79NA
2222:55N 14 G 1710.00FairCLR5832 29.77NA
2222:35NW 910.00FairCLR5933 29.77NA
2222:15NW 910.00Partly CloudySCT0606037 29.77NA
2221:55NW 1010.00Mostly CloudySCT050 SCT060 BKN0856141 29.76NA
2221:35N 1010.00Partly CloudySCT050 SCT070 SCT0806243 29.75NA
2221:15NW 810.00Partly CloudySCT0706342 29.74NA
2220:55W 910.00Partly CloudySCT070 SCT0906442 29.73NA
2220:35W 510.00FairCLR6442 29.73NA
2220:15W 1010.00Partly CloudySCT0906441 29.72NA
2219:55W 13 G 2410.00Partly CloudySCT0906541 676329.72NA
2219:35W 710.00Partly CloudySCT0606542 29.71NA
2219:15W 710.00FairCLR6541 29.71NA
2218:55W 8 G 1610.00FairCLR6641 29.71NA
2218:35W 10 G 1610.00Partly CloudySCT0556740 29.71NA
2218:15W 1210.00FairCLR6742 29.72NA
2217:55W 10 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT045 SCT0606742 29.72NA
2217:35NW 610.00Partly CloudySCT045 SCT050 SCT0806646 29.72NA
2217:15W 810.00OvercastSCT043 BKN050 OVC0806646 29.72NA
2216:55W 910.00Mostly CloudySCT043 BKN048 BKN0606546 29.72NA
2216:35SW 10 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT041 SCT050 SCT0756646 29.73NA
2216:15W 8 G 1810.00Partly CloudySCT0416646 29.73NA
2215:55SW 12 G 2010.00Partly CloudySCT055 SCT0706546 29.74NA
2215:35W 710.00OvercastSCT039 BKN060 OVC0706346 29.76NA
2215:15W 910.00OvercastSCT038 BKN046 OVC0606346 29.77NA
2214:55W 710.00OvercastBKN042 OVC0486345 29.77NA
2214:35W 9 G 2010.00OvercastBKN039 OVC0466445 29.78NA
2214:15W 10 G 2010.00OvercastSCT035 BKN045 OVC0606445 29.78NA
2213:55W 7 G 2110.00OvercastSCT035 BKN041 OVC0706446 645329.78NA
2213:35SW 14 G 1710.00OvercastSCT033 BKN040 OVC0656346 29.79NA
2213:15W 1210.00OvercastSCT035 BKN070 OVC0856346 29.80NA
2212:55W 710.00OvercastSCT037 BKN065 OVC0756346 29.80NA
2212:35W 910.00OvercastSCT039 SCT044 OVC0656345 29.81NA
2212:15NW 810.00OvercastOVC0396245 29.81NA
2211:55W 710.00OvercastOVC0416344 29.82NA
2211:35W 810.00OvercastBKN043 OVC0506444 29.81NA
2211:15W 810.00Mostly CloudySCT043 BKN050 BKN1006443 29.81NA
2210:55SW 810.00Mostly CloudySCT060 BKN1006342 29.81NA
2210:35W 510.00Mostly CloudyBKN060 BKN0906341 29.81NA
2210:15W 610.00OvercastBKN060 BKN080 OVC0906241 29.81NA
2209:55SW 310.00OvercastOVC0655843 29.82NA
2209:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0755741 29.82NA
2209:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0705641 29.82NA
2208:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0705542 29.83NA
2208:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0705440 29.83NA
2208:15Calm10.00OvercastSCT060 OVC0805439 29.84NA
2207:55Calm10.00OvercastOVC0805339 544929.84NA
2207:35Calm10.00OvercastOVC0905438 29.84NA
2207:15Calm10.00OvercastOVC0905240 29.84NA
2206:55Calm10.00OvercastSCT065 BKN100 OVC1205241 29.84NA
2206:35Calm10.00Mostly CloudySCT080 BKN1105238 29.84NA
2206:15Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT1105137 29.83NA
2205:55Calm10.00Mostly CloudySCT070 BKN1105237 29.84NA
2205:35Calm10.00FairCLR5137 29.84NA
2205:15Calm10.00FairCLR5136 29.84NA
2204:55Calm10.00FairCLR5136 29.86NA
2204:35Calm10.00FairCLR5036 29.86NA
2204:15Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0805136 29.86NA
2203:55Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT0805037 29.87NA
2203:35Calm10.00FairCLR5137 29.88NA
2203:15Calm10.00FairCLR5235 29.88NA
2202:55Calm10.00FairCLR5236 29.88NA
2202:35Calm10.00FairCLR5236 29.89NA
2202:15Calm10.00FairCLR5435 29.89NA
2201:55Calm10.00FairCLR5336 705329.89NA
2201:35Calm10.00FairCLR5636 29.90NA
2201:15Calm10.00FairCLR5535 29.91NA
2200:55Calm10.00FairCLR5536 29.91NA
2200:35Calm10.00FairCLR5636 29.91NA
2200:15Calm10.00FairCLR5836 29.92NA
2123:55Calm10.00FairCLR5935 29.92NA
2123:35Calm10.00FairCLR5935 29.92NA
2123:15Calm10.00FairCLR6232 29.92NA
2122:55Calm10.00FairCLR6033 29.93NA
2122:35Calm10.00FairCLR5838 29.94NA
2122:15Calm10.00FairCLR6135 29.94NA
2121:55Calm10.00FairCLR6335 29.93NA
2121:35Calm10.00FairCLR6630 29.94NA
2121:15Calm10.00FairCLR6828 29.95NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.altimeter
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation

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