F0 Tornado - Bumpass, Virginia - February 17, 1998

During the late afternoon hours of February 17, 1998 a strong upper level trough was swinging eastward across the Mid-Atlantic region. At the surface a warm front was moving through central Virginia. This front and the accompanying sharp dew point gradient was a focusing mechanism for an isolated low-topped supercell which developed over Goochland county Virginia around 0115 UTC. In addition a precipitation induced wedge and surface meso-low developed on the front several hours earlier (around 0000 UTC). This feature served to increase the surface based helicity in the vicinity of the front. Refer to the surface analysis below.

The supercell tracked northeast through Louisa county in the next 45 minutes and spawned an F0 Tornado in the vicinity of Bumpass around 0155 UTC. The F0 Tornado then tracked northeast through Spotsylvania County, Virginia inflicting further damage.