Highest Winds during Hurricane Dennis
August 30 through September 5, 1999

All times on August 30th unless otherwise noted
Location  Highest Sustained Wind/Time Highest Gust/Time
Norfolk Airport (ORF) 43 MPH/1251 PM  53 MPH/117 PM
Portsmouth 34 MPH/700 PM 37 MPH/700 PM
Langley Air Force BAse (LFI) 52 MPH/732 PM  Sept 4th 76 MPH/732 PM  Sept 4th 
Newport News (PHF) 33 MPH/732 PM  Sept 4th 45 MPH/731 PM  Sept 4th
Fort Eustis (FAF) 24 MPH/146 PM  Sept 3rd 34 MPH/1155 PM  Sept 3rd
Wallops Island (WAL) 38 MPH/117 PM  46 MPH/116 PM
Elizabeth City, N.C. (ECG) 39 MPH/1254 PM 52 MPH/940 AM
Roanoke Rapids, N.C. (RZZ) 31 MPH/814 AM 40 MPH/817 AM
Lowest Pressure during Dennis - September 5, 1999

All Times September 5th unless otherwise noted

Location  Lowest Pressure/Time 
Norfolk Airport (ORF) 29.71"/151 AM
Richmond Airport (RIC) 29.72"/354 AM
Ocean Naval Air Station (NTU) 29.72"/354 AM
Norfolk Naval Air Station (NGU) 29.72"/355 AM
Langley Air Force Base (LFI)  29.74"/356 AM
Newport News (PHF) 29.72"/355 AM
Elizabeth City CGS, N.C. (ECG) 29.64"/713 PM  Sept 4th
Rainfall during Hurricane Dennis - August 30 - September 5, 1999
Location  Rainfall 
Elizabeth City CGS, N.C.  7.01"
Portsmouth 5.75"
WFO Wakefield  4.59"
John Kerr Dam 3.38"
Norfolk Airport (ORF) 3.30"
Newport News (PHF) 3.23"
Ocean Naval Air Station (NTU) 2.90"
Norfolk Naval Air Station (NGU) 2.85"
Richmond Airport (RIC) 2.18"

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