Tornadoes in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia
                                                             April 9, 1998

On April 9, 1998 a fairly long tracking tornado touched down in portions of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia. The tornado was first detected in the Riverwalk section of the city of Chesapeake around 4:30 PM EDT. The tornado tracked east-northeastward through the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake and moved through the city of Virginia Beach along a Kempsville-Rosemont-Lynnhaven axis. The tornado damage was generally of F0 intensity (weak) along the entire track in both Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

John C. Roberts, one of our storm spotters from the city of Virginia Beach took a number of photographs of the tornado damage from the Lynnhaven section of Virginia Beach.  Some of the damage includes a section of tin roof peeled off of a warehouse in the Lynhaven Industrial park several hundred yards east of Lyhhnaven Parkway.
This same warehouse sustained damages to a west facing brick wall.

The shattered wall revealed some of the contents of the warehouse inside. A close up view of the concrete block wall revealed the nature of the wind damage.

Further north and adjacent to the Lynnhaven Industrial park, the Lynnhave Fire Station sustained minor damages as well. The tin roof of the Fire Station was peeled away. A close view of the damage is indicated here.