Severe Weather Event - November 11, 1995

Two weeks after the severe weather event of October 27, 1995 ....another severe weather event spread destruction across Virginia. A squall line swept across east-central Virginia causing damaging winds of 60-80 mph across the region. A possible tornado swept through portions of Suffolk near Wilroy Road and US Route 58 just northeast of the downtown area of the city.

61 counties out of a totoal of 66 were warned for severe weather. Verification was received for 60 out of the 61 counties.

The image above depicts a WSR-88D Base reflectivity showing the strong Line Echo Wave Pattern (LEWP) associated with the squall line as it swept across eastern Virginia. Note the Mini-Bow echoes embedded within the LEWP. The time of the image was 0159 UTC or 859 PM EST.

The image below depicts a WSR-88D Storm Relative Velocity Map which indicates the rotation in a storm relative sense of the mesocyclone which produced the tornadic storm over Suffolk. The average rotation was on the order of 45-50 knots. The time of this image is the same as the one above.