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The National Weather Service Office, Wakefield, Virginia, is located in southeast Virginia on Route 460 in the town of Wakefield, the county of Sussex. The office is about halfway between Richmond and Norfolk, and about 23 miles southwest of Williamsburg. Wakefield is a rural community of approximately 1,200 people (10,000 in Sussex County), and is in the center of the primary peanut growing region of Virginia.

Our office first opened in July of 1994...and was dedicated on April 19th 1995. The office is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over two dozen people work inside, keeping a watchful eye to the sky for both good and bad weather. This office serves 66 jurisdictions in parts of three states. These include four Maryland counties on the lower Maryland Eastern Shore, 38 counties and 15 independent cities in central and southeast Virginia, and nine counties in northeaster North Carolina, as well as aviation forecasts for five airports. For a look at the counties we cover, click here.


Upon entering the front door (above) you'll come to a security door and doorbell. Ring the doorbell, and you'll be quickly greeted by a staff member. Once inside, you'll immediately see a display stocked with NWS periodicals and assorted weather safety handouts. Feel free to grab a few for a little light reading on the way home!

After this area, you'll notice the desk of our Administrative Assistant, as well as some awards that the office has earned. Here you will also find the offices of our local office management, including our Meteorologist-in-Charge, Tony Siebers and our Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Bill Sammler.

Now, on to the operations area!



National Weather Service
Wakefield, Virginia
10009 General Mahone Hwy Wakefield, VA 23888

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