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Obviously, we employ a lot of sophisticated computers and equipment to do our jobs in the NWS. This office has a staff of four individuals that work to service and maintain all of the equipment you've seen at the previous tour stops -- an Electronics Systems Analyst (ESA), two Electronics Technicians (ETs), and an Information Technology Officer (ITO). These folks maintain our local Doppler radar, as well as do upkeep for our many ASOS units across our County Warning Area. Our ITO keeps most of the office's Computer software running correctly and as our webmaster, helps to keep our internet page looking its best. Without these our ET staff and our ITO, the meteorological staff simply could not do their jobs. Below you see the "brain" of our computer system, the computer room. Here is where all the computing power behind AWIPS and CRS is kept.


Next, lets head back to the Operations area and check out our SKYWARN Network!



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